Revolutionary sherry glass

Exclusive collaboration between Moser & José Pizarro

Experience the Difference
Designed for José Pizarro and inspired by the shape of his cupped hands.
Bigger size and open shape allows the sherry to breathe and the aroma to reach the drinker's nose.
Entirely handmade, lead-free and ecologically friendly crystal glass.

Renowned Spanish chef collaborates with Moser

José Pizarro was one of the very first chefs to go to the UK and produce what we now think of as “real” Spanish food. José is passionate about ingredients and has a simple but sophisticated attitude towards blending just a few of them to produce magical results. He is a best-selling author of cookbooks devoted to the key regions of Spain and their local produce, a well known tv personality and a favourite performer at food festivals around Britain. José’s love of sherry has brought him to collaborate with Moser on a unique and very personal glass. You can enjoy drinking sherry from this special glass at José’s restaurants in London and it is available to buy online, in his restaurants, at Moser stores and exclusive UK retailers like Thomas Goode.


The luxury crystal brand

Moser brand is named after Ludwig Moser, who established his own engraving workshop and glass shop in the centre of Karlovy Vary near the Market Colonnade in March 1857. In less than twenty-four years, he laid the foundations of a unique glassworks where glass-masters and engravers create unique crystal works. Luxury beverage sets, decorative objects and Moser master-engravings are popular items among foreign and local lovers of original crystal works. At home, in the Czech Republic, Moser is perceived as the most luxurious Czech brand thanks to its unparalelled craftsmanship, heritage and 100% hand-made production.

The Art of Sherry

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Set of two sherry glasses
Set of two sherry glasses

100% hand made from the finest Moser unleaded crystal.
Vol. 250 ml
Height 190 mm
Top diameter 60 mm
Crown 70 mm

300 £ / 350 €
Delivered 11. 4. 2020
Tips for pairing sherry with food
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